Full Service Roofing

Goliath Roofing & Remodeling is happy to be the premier, full-service roofing contractor in Houston and San Antonio. Never search “roofers near me” again! Our team has more than two decades of experience, and when you choose us, you can rest assured that we won’t wrap up the project until your expectations have been met or surpassed. Because we understand the importance of your roof, we deliver dependability and longevity without exception.

When you choose Goliath Roofing & Remodeling, you choose industry leaders. You choose the best building standards. You choose peace of mind. From the minute you contact us to the minute we wrap up and leave you with a new or repaired roof, you’ll be listened-to, cared-for, and kept in the loop. We know it’s your home or your business. By putting your interests first and working hard to meet your needs, we give you results you simply won’t get from any other contractor.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we approach you as a unique client, taking the time to understand your needs, budget, and timeline. You won’t have to worry about cookie-cutter solutions or handiwork that won’t hold up. You choose us, and we’ll build a great relationship with you and earn your continued trust. Contact us today for a free roof inspection.

Working with the Insurance Companies

We work hand in hand with all insurance company to help warrant a full roof replacement for our clients. With our experience and knowledge we can help to maximize any insurance claim that we file. Goliath has an outstanding relationship with the insurance companies as well as the insurance adjusters, thus creating a positive atmosphere for the client.


Goliath offers free roofing estimates for clients who do not want to go through their insurance companies. We also offer free estimates for any kind of repair work that you might need done to your roof as well as any remodeling needs that you have.

Free Roof Inspections

We offer the free roof inspection because we believe that you should not have to pay for someone to tell you if there is damage on your roof. Roof inspections generally take between 10-15 minutes and can last longer depending on the size of your roof. We look for any kind of wind or hail damage that your roof may have sustained during recent storms. We also look at all your pipe jacks and vents to insure that everything is still sealed down and not dry rotted.

Roof Repairs

Sometimes it is not necessary to replace an entire roof. This is where the repair process comes in to play. We offer roof repairs to any roof, big or small. Examples include replacing or resealing pipe jacks, replacing any missing shingles, patching any leaks from the roofing system, or caulking. Any kind of roof repair that is needed, Goliath can solve the issue.


Is to change the structure, shape or appearance of something. We can meet all of your remodeling needs. Siding, drywall, painting, laying tile, fencing, gutters etc. If you have any remodeling needs, lets us know and we will see what we can do to fulfill your desires.

Texas Windstorm

Texas Windstorm has been serving the coastal counties since 1971. We work hand in hand with TWIA and their inspectors to insure that your roof is up to code and can withstand any windstorm that comes through. We have our own engineers that we work with during the re-roofing process to ensure that every nail is put in place properly and that all the materials are up to code to ensure that the client receives their WPI-8.