Storms are devastating by nature. They wreak havoc not only on your home and neighborhood, but also in your life. You can lose valuable heirlooms in the case of a flood or tornado, or even loved ones during a powerful hurricane. You’re whole life can come to a halt if a tree has fallen on your home.

Recovering from storms when you are impacted is hard; however, this is made all the more difficult when storm chasers (otherwise known as roofing gypsies) show up at your doorstep promising you the world when you’re unsure where your world even went.

These storm chasers are not chasing the storm itself; rather they are chasing what is left behind after the storm — you and a damaged roof. Storm chasers stalk the national and local news reports and show up in areas where there was significant hail damage. They are often scammers, out to take advantage of people who are in a hurry to make much-needed roof repairs.

Goliath Roofing and Remodeling offers the best residential and commercial roofing services. We specialize not only in roof repair and replacement, but we also offer home and commercial remodeling services. We like to think we’re the jack-of-all-trades in the roofing industry. Below, we’ll go over how to avoid and deal with those pesky storm chasers who technically aren’t breaking any laws, but should still be avoided in favor of your local roofing company. Contact us today for a free roof estimate!


  • Don’t fall for their smooth talk. You can spot a storm chaser by the fact they show up unsolicited to your door and just start talking without giving you a chance to say much. They often promise you the world and are unlicensed and uninsured in your area. They will make their sales pitch urgent, saying things such as, “This offer is only good today.” Most reputable local roofing companies will give you a written estimate that is good for at least 30 days and often longer. You should never feel pressure to choose a local roofing company for your repair, no matter how serious the matter.
  • Choose a local roofer. Local roofers are, well, local. If you have a problem with your roofing installation down the road, you can just pick up the phone and call your local roofing company, such as Goliath Roofing and Remodeling in Houston, who can help fix your problem (often for free if it’s under warranty). Whereas if you have a problem with your roof repair in a few months, who are you going to call for reparations? The storm chasers have long since gone and now you are left with trying to get your roof repairs covered without the proper paperwork to do so.
  • Ask for proof of insurance and references. Roof chasers work by trying to get in and out of your neighborhood as quickly as possible before word gets out. They do this by using high-pressure sales techniques. They will try to get you to sign up immediate roof repair, they promise they will handle the insurance company for you. The best push back to this is to ask for references and to ask to see proof of their insurance. All companies have to have some form of liability insurance, even if it’s just the bare minimum, in order to legally operate in the state of Texas and beyond. You can also Google them after they have left to see if they have a web presence (red flag if you can’t find them) or if someone has posted a negative review of their services and pegs them as roof scammers. Usually, just asking will be enough to scare away these guys for good, who may even walk away of their own volition if pressed.
  • Check their address and phone service. Many of these roof scammers have no physical location, only a PO Box. Most reputable local roofing companies have physical locations that you can visit. They have more than one employee, and they are very personable and helpful when they answer the phone. If you call a roof scammer, odds are, you will just get a recorded message and never a phone call back. Despite what the internet tells you, human interaction is key in determining scammers. Being able to talk to someone and feel them out can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Besides, we all want to do business with companies that care, such as Goliath Roofing and Remodeling. We have regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. We return phone calls in a timely manner, and we love hearing from you. If you ever have a question about another local roofer, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to assist you.


Too many people become the victims of storm chasers — that’s why they are doing this. Albeit you may tell yourself you are not one of these, you could become one when you’re under duress from the tree in your living room, and you just want it gone, repaired, and done with so you can move on with your life. While we all want emergency roofing services done as soon as possible, we should be mindful not to sacrifice quality over timeliness.

Storm chasers give local roofers a bad name. They come in, take advantage of people, and leave them with a poor roof. It is estimated that a roof installed by a storm chaser, who buys the cheapest roofing materials possible and uses the least amount of roofing materials, such as nails, to get the job done only lasts between five and seven years. Many of these so-called local roofing companies are frauds whose sole goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible, and then disappear like a vesper turned to night.


Goliath Roofing and Remodeling serves the Houston area with top-notch roof repair and roof replacement services. We understand how devastating and how disruptive storms can be to your life. We offer emergency roof repairs in order to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. During a storm, we get a lot of calls. However, we prioritize based on need, and we consider a tree creating a gaping hole in your roof an emergency. We offer written estimates with no pressure and no time frame. We understand that a roof replacement is a big decision, and you want to get it right. Take all the time you need to choose the local roofing company that will meet your needs.

Goliath Roofing and Remodeling also offers commercial roofing services. A storm can be even more devastating to a small business, especially if you have to close your door due to the damage. We understand that every day your business is impacted by unfinished and much needed roof repairs is money out of your pocket. When there’s a storm, call us first. We’ll be out there as quickly as possible to perform a free roof inspection and get you taken care of straight away. We work with commercial businesses on times, as we understand how disruptive a roof replacement can be to the occupants below.

Bottom line is we care. We’re not out to take advantage of you or to charge you more for unneeded repairs. Goliath Roofing and Replacement wants to provide you and everyone in the Houston area with the best roofing system possible. We’re insured; we have an office; we have friendly faces; we have you. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!